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Burger + Bar

Hi!  I'm Eddie!  I like burgers more than most, and just as much as you.  I have my own ski team, I bike every single day, and my car has a giant hamburger on top.  This is how I how I roll. Come by, watch the game, bring the kids, have a burger, send the kids home, have a trashcan, watch another game, have another burger, join my ski team and have a great time. 


Eddie loves quality beef, that’s why he uses Benchmark Alberta Angus.

Eddie doesn't just like burgers, he loves them. He loves them SO much that he only uses the best beef. Eddie's also from Alberta, and it just so happens that Alberta produces the best beef around.

Eddie is a family guy and Benchmark Angus Beef is a family business he can get behind. Benchmark Beef
is family owned and operated for over 100 years (holy cow!) and does everything in-house. They're an old school ranch with horse driven cattle roundups, long campfire bbqs, and we're assuming some pretty epic sunsets. Their cows are fed the best grass and meat is dry aged (in-house) to increase tenderness.

Benchmark makes great beef.

Eddie makes great burgers.

We're the perfect pair, partner.

The Benchmark Commitment to their Beef Customers

  • Humane treatment of animals

  • Our animals graze the wide open fields that make up our ranching operation

  • Hormone-free beef

  • We are true environmentalists; the land is our home. We care for it, and care about it

  • Through our search we can deliver not only better cattle to market, but better beef

  • The Milk River Ridge is an area designed for cattle, native grass and huge open areas; to us cattlemen there is nothing more pristine, and nothing better to raise superior beef

  • Beef cut by a person; not a machine

  • We give the extra attention and care to your every order. No matter how large or how small, we will give out all to make your order cut to your exact specifications

  • We guarantee every order if it is not to your and our standards, we will replace or refund it

  • We only offer beef to you that our own families eat

  • From our family to yours, we bring you only the very best



Eddie is BEYOND excited to be serving the burger that is making waves across North America and the world.

It’s juicy,

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137 Banff Avenue | Banff, AB, Canada | 403-762-2230